First CUNY Pie Outing: Lombardi’s


Lombardi's pizza

The CUNY Pie group will make its first venture into the wilds of NYC pizza tomorrow evening. Given the historic nature of this event and the need to calibrate our pizza testing systems, we thought we’d start with Lombardi’s, the oldest pizza place in America.

We’ll be there tonight, July 1st, at 7pm, and we very much hope that you’ll join us!



Photo by roboppy

This is a test

Setting an Agenda

If we’re going to eat our way through New York’s finest pizza establishments, we should think about a general structure for our venture.  When Boone and I first came up with the idea of a CUNY Commons pizza group, Boone pointed to the Burger of the Month Club as a possible model.  I think it’s a great one:  we can meet once a month to sample various pizza places around the city.

If others are willing, I’d propose that we meet on the first Monday of every month.  All are welcome:  this is a completely open group whose only requirement is an insatiable urge for charred crusts and seared squares of mozzarella (unless one prefers shredded mozzarella, which is fine, too).

So, who’s up for a July 1st trip, and where should we go?  And, even more importantly, how shall we keep score?

Here are some of the places I’d think we should try:

Tried (Tired?) and True
Totonno’s (Coney Island)
Di Fara’s
John’s (Bleecker)

Highly Praised Newcomers
Lucali Pizza (#2 in GQ’s recent “American Pie” Rankings)

Off the Beaten Track
Mariella (16th/3rd)


I wanna rock


In addition, I also wanna eat this pizza. Then I wanna blog about how delicious it tasted. I wanna do this with some CUNY pals of mine.

That is the purpose of this website.