The perils of flouting convention

I felt grouchy the day we went to Co., Jim Sullivan’s renowned pizza restaurant on the West Side of Manhattan. In retrospect, I suppose that I was predisposed to be skeptical about Co. I’d heard raves about the Popeye (spinach and gruy√®re) and the meatball pies, about the oven and the crusts that were […]

Fall 2010 Agenda: CUNY Pie Goes Old School

Photo by Roboppy

I recently met with fellow CUNY Pie co-founder Boone Gorges to discuss some Commons-related issues, and, as usual, the subject of pizza came up. We agreed that the group has had a good first year, but we thought about instituting some changes that would up the ante a bit next […]

2009-2010 CUNY Pie Wrap-up

Now that we’ve completed our first year of CUNY Pie, I thought I’d put together a bit of a retrospective of the year that was in CUNY pizza. Here we go:


Plain pie at Lombardi's. Photo by Matt Gold

“Beyond sharing our individual histories with pizza, we talked about parenthood, family, […]