Tragedy of the cornicione

Lombardi char

I can’t top Luke’s tour de force account of last night’s CUNY Pie debut. But I do have some pointed commentary on a subject that is dear to my heart – the cornicione – which is prompted by the trip to Lombardi’s.

I am not a particularly sentimental man, but […]

Two Larges at Lombardi’s

Imagine a tall man, a shock of blonde hair swept across his head, marching a large pie from one of the best joints in the Bronx across 20 or so blocks, destined for a park bench where he can munch while listening to opera.¬†Or, a young Latvian immigrant, recently arrived in Southern California, listening […]

CUNY Pie Annoucement: We’re Headed to Lombardi’s

The CUNY Pie group will make its first foray into the wilds of NYC pizza tomorrow evening. And, no, you’re not seeing double: we had to reschedule our first July outing due to unforeseen circumstances.

But our trip to Lombardi’s for tomorrow is a definite go, and we’d love to have you join […]