Jon Stewart on Pizza

CUNY Pie-ers will go out of their way to watch the middle section of Jon Stewart’s Nov. 13th show in which he settles, once and for all, the virtues of NY pizza vs. Chicago Deep Dish. Don’t be eating pizza when you watch it. You’ll choke.

A Post as Aged as the Parmigiano Reggiano

A few months ago, a small group of CUNY Pie devotees ventured forth from various corners of the tri-state area (New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn) to visit Lucali. It was a trip I had anticipated for a long time, not only because the reviews of Lucali were good from the start, but also because I […]

Tragedy of the cornicione

Lombardi char

I can’t top Luke’s tour de force account of last night’s CUNY Pie debut. But I do have some pointed commentary on a subject that is dear to my heart – the cornicione – which is prompted by the trip to Lombardi’s.

I am not a particularly sentimental man, but […]

First CUNY Pie Outing: Lombardi’s

Lombardi’s pizza

The CUNY Pie group will make its first venture into the wilds of NYC pizza tomorrow evening. Given the historic nature of this event and the need to calibrate our pizza testing systems, we thought we’d start with Lombardi’s, the oldest pizza place in America.

We’ll be there tonight, July […]

Setting an Agenda

If we’re going to eat our way through New York’s finest pizza establishments, we should think about a general structure for our venture.  When Boone and I first came up with the idea of a CUNY Commons pizza group, Boone pointed to the Burger of the Month Club as a possible model.  I think […]

I wanna rock

In addition, I also wanna eat this pizza. Then I wanna blog about how delicious it tasted. I wanna do this with some CUNY pals of mine.

That is the purpose of this website.