The Home Pie

Last week, I traveled to East Lansing, Michigan, to attend the HuMetrics Workshop at Michigan State University. The workshop brought together a wide range of academics to discuss the values of the humanities and how we might work collectively towards ensuring that our institutions evaluate our work in accordance with those values.

As an […]

Pizza and place (and pigging out)

Food is not place, and pizza is not New York City. But for me, the connection between eating in a place and being in a place is heavy with meaning.

It’s against this backdrop that the most recent installment of CUNY Pie was conceived. In a few weeks, I’ll be moving to Chicago. So […]


On Friday I had pizza from Giovanna’s for the third time.  All three times were delivery, which I know is not the ideal way to enjoy good pizza–but all three times were certainly tasty.  It’s a great addition to SpaHa’s restaurant row on Lexington between 100th and 101st Streets.  If I had one criticism, […]

Side trip – and a homecoming – to Totonno’s

Last March, the great New York pizzeria Totonno’s shut down due to a severe fire. I was upset. After a dozen rumored opening days – including, most recently, one thwarted by Wednesday’s winter weather – today was Totonno’s first day back in almost a year.

Totonno’s has a special place in my heart, both […]