CUNYPie returned today after a too-long hiatus with its first trip to Staten Island, where we visited Denino’s. This was a two campus affair, as me and my homeboys from Baruch joined our pals from City Tech for pies and pitchers, which I’ll get to in a moment. The occasion of our trip […]

Tiny fish make everything better

Ah, Totonno’s. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that last week was my first time eating at one of my home borough’s most famous pizza places. And it was fitting penance, too, for my major goof earlier this fall: on a trip to the aquarium with my kid, it was only when we sat […]

2009-2010 CUNY Pie Wrap-up

Now that we’ve completed our first year of CUNY Pie, I thought I’d put together a bit of a retrospective of the year that was in CUNY pizza. Here we go:


Plain pie at Lombardi's. Photo by Matt Gold

“Beyond sharing our individual histories with pizza, we talked about parenthood, family, […]

CUNY Pie and the Future of Academia: Mangia

academicdave is surprised; boonebgorges is partially obscured; mattthomas is debonair; clioweb is excited; mkgold is upskirting; samplereality is the unseen photographer. Thanks samplereality for the photo

CUNY Pie is mired in rhetoric. Understood as a purely gastronomic endeavor, the language of CUNY Pie gravitates toward quasi-Italian phraseology and Brooklyn neighborhood names. As […]

CUNY Pie Anthem

CUNY Pie: Building better communities through pizza.

This video is best viewed full screen on YouTube.

This video is based on footage from our November and December outings, when we were lucky enough to host many guests who were in town for the WordCampNYC and Digital Labor conferences.

We’re particularly happy to welcome […]