Totonno’s. Tomorrow. DO NOT MISS THIS.

Reposted from the CUNY Pie group so that non-CUNY members can comment and join us:

cc licensed photo by Adam Kuban

Hi All,

This is a biggie. Tomorrow evening, CUNY Pie will make the trek out to the farthest reaches of Brooklyn to sample what many people believe is the best pizza to be found in the New York region (and, therefore, the world (no “arguably” about it) ).

Here are the kinds of things people tend to say about Totonno’s:

“Only God Makes Better Pizza” — Zagat review

“Legendary” — The New York Times

“My favorite pizzeria” — Boone B. Gorges

“Every self-respecting pizza-loving New Yorker should visit the Coney Island original at least once in his lifetime. Go soon before they run out of dough permanently.” — New York Magazine

So, yes, my friends, you need to join us, as this is sure to be an epic CUNY Pie.

Depending on how many people are coming and where they are coming from, we will set up a meeting place so that we can all head over together. If we have a large Manhattan contingent, we can meet there as we have in the past, but I think it might make sense to meet in Brooklyn — perhaps somewhere along the F line. And if you’d prefer to meet us at the restaurant, we will be meeting up at Totonno’s at our usual time — 6pm.

If you plan on coming, please respond to this post and let us know where you are coming from.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

In solidarity,


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